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As we look at these new images by LG White, the conventional realism that is etched so deeply into our nature is brought kicking and spitting into the NOW. The real revolution of the pre-renaissance was the birth of the artist, clear and defined. Each painting passed from a studio not simply as a definer for the subject, but also as a refiner for the subjective. The artist was clever and made her skills shown in order to exist through the extension she shared within the experience of others. Symbolic nature and mathematics entered through the mind and Dutch magic realism was perhaps the greatest exponent of this philosophy. Now we will make life!!" shouted the artist. Then they whispered amongst themselves " now we make god".With the god-like power of giving and taking away, the vacuous finality that is all life became ' Vanitas' images of skulls cluttered with possessions and knowledge and fruit and meat, and all until now. Here today, in these works, we have examination fully actualised, drawings of skulls so real you could almost touch them, images of death made pretty so as to soften the sharp blade of life's dark passing, just as opiates and objects now take the edge off our having to live. A sleight of hand to make us forget, the commercial for Mr Militaristic himself, Captain America, is situated both post Bush and post end of empire, juxtaposing the flames of hell with more banal concerns and who-will-save-us-now images of delicate pottery with seductive offerings. Vanitas grows horns and replicates this dilemma by drawing us towards what is hidden, asking us to look further. Fractured lenses are repeating and imperfect, all of this executed with mathematical precision because, after all, we need to believe in something. While placing beauty as product, engraved into plates and reproduced as objects, she this time objectifies life itself from it's most subjective view point and gives us new superlatives with which to express it...

Collared by Lg White

Left; ' Collared' Pencil& Ink onboard A0 2015 by Lg White Right: ' Philoscopic' Oil Painting A0 2015 by Lg White